How Can China Apple Grower Assist Foreign Businesses in Promoting Their Products?

January 31, 2021 , Apple exporters

Apple exporters are always on the lookout for quality raw materials and export business opportunities. The Chinese market, one of the fastest growing markets for Apple products in the world, has opened up a whole new avenue of export-oriented businesses. It is possible to sell China apples and export them at lower prices than ever before. These days, there are even Chinese wholesalers who are willing to ship Apple goods across the world. Whether you want to import Apple merchandise into China or export Chinese apples, the process is simple and hassle free.

There are two main types of apple exporters those who import their goods directly from China and others who have connections in the Chinese fruit market. For the direct importing of apples from China, one needs to find a wholesaler/importer who can assure a fair and timely delivery with minimum charges. Apples are a very seasonal fruit and the Chinese know this very well. Because of this they often ship their apples in the winter months, which are the off season in China. For such reasons, it is not possible to import China apples straight from China.

But Chinese wholesalers who export their apple products and orchard supplies to the world can ship their apples to almost any part of the world. And they earn millions of dollars each year in the process. However, it is important that one first establishes an authentic and reliable relationship with these Chinese exporters before proceeding to establish an actual business deal with them. And one must also know all the requirements that are needed to import and export Chinese fruits and apples.

Apple exporters need to buy or rent apples from farmers. They then package them in different forms – bags, boxes, wafers etc. to be marketed and sold through various channels – online, in local markets and other places. Apple growers send their apples to apple exporters who then package and send these apple shipments to various outlets. So an exporter needs to find out a reliable and trustworthy China apple farmer, who can supply him with enough apples for his business needs.

After getting the apples from the growers, the apple fruit exporters deliver the fresh apples to their customers. Once they receive the delivery of the apples, they clean the apples and peel them to make it easier for them to sell the apples freshly to the consumers. Then they package the apples and send them to their customers, and in this way they earn revenue.

In addition to earning revenue through exports, many Chinese orchards also provide apple orchards to foreign firms for managing their business interests in China. Some of the largest apple exporters in China are Heilong Tea, Lang Feng, Shuangren Industrial Co., Ltd., Haicang Industrial Co., Ltd., and Dai Weilong Industrial Trading & Technology Co. There are numerous other apple exporters in China. These exporters have experienced staff to help them in every possible ways to get the maximum revenues out of the contracts. They have their own factories, which provide all the production processes, from planting to harvesting, packaging, and delivery.